TU Glastextil AB

TU Glastextilprodukter AB is Sweden's leading manufacturer of fibreglass textile products for high temperature applications. We offer a wide range of gaskets for design, manufacture and repair of products for thermal insulation that cope with high temperatures.

High quality at the right price with rapid deliveries is our motto.

Our fibreglass textile products for high tempature applications have a wide range of uses. These include: Steel mills, heating plant, glassworks, ovens, ventilation, pump bearings, boilers, pipes, hoses etc.

The bulk of range is available off the shelf for quick deliveries such as:

  • Braided round or square fibreglass gaskets
  • Flat fibreglass gaskets
  • Hoses of braided fibreglass
  • Tapes, cords and web tapes of fibreglass
  • Keyhole gaskets of fibreglass
  • Industrial hoses covered with braided fibreglass
  • Woven textiles of fibreglass, carbon fibre or Kevlar (polyamide)
  • Electrical polyester high-shrink tapes, electrical fibreglass tapes and other polyester tapes

Obviously our range includes much more, but we manufacture to order for special requirements. We supply both small and large quantities.